Monday, October 18, 2010


All my pieces bend out of shape and
I am left with my own contradiction.

I am learning to enjoy being alone.

Stitch my mouth with nylon string

and dangle promises in front of my

nose. There is no more sweetness in

a drop of honey and the words from
your tongue leave me sanguine and
panting. I have no place to lay my
cuneiform curls and nonsense is my
only language. Confounded by chant
I will beat my breast and flagellate
my faith and existence on a marble
altar. Depress the organ's pedals and
wheeze antique Hallelujah's from the
souls of the departed. Stained glass
depictions of purity first filled my eyes
with color and gave me the lenses
with which to see a prism of beauty.
Gregorian lugubriousness splits the
blue horizons outside my window and
the sailboats take themselves out to sea.

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