Sunday, October 17, 2010

Decline and Fall

Dear -,
I am a coward and I freely
admit it. I wish I could tell
you the things set in motion
by a conversation you probably
don't even remember. I can
pinpoint the hour I lost all
respect for you. I can tell you
the words, the thoughts, the
realizations that hit me in an
instant. And I can bet you
probably missed it. I wish I
could tell you the hidden feelings
the veiled anguish, the deep distrust.
I wish I could tell you how I kept
quiet. I wish I could have told
you when the burgeoning thoughts
hadn't left my lips. I wish I could
tell you how beautiful it is to
be free, and how much you have
helped me realize my worth.
I wish that what we had could
have been real. I am slowly
but surely removing your poison.

Let the past lay dormant.
Let this be my piece.
Let you be happy.

No bitterness, no regret
We are new people.

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